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TNT Sales Co.’s automated warehousing and distribution solutions for the retail industry help retailers to achieve a continuous flow of materials and maximum availability, while lowering logistics costs.

The retail industry faces continuous change in demographics, consumer behavior, seasonal fluctuations and government regulations. In addition, numerous internal factors such as personnel turnover and longer opening hours take a toll on businesses. To stay profitable, retailers must streamline their logistics solutions for more agile, efficient processes.

TNT Sales Co. improves logistics for retailers around the world through smart material flow planning. Our retail warehousing and distribution systems solve issues from regulatory compliance to standardized unit picking and packaging. These flexible retail logistics systems enable retailers to keep pace with an increasing number of SKUs and point-of-sale promotions.

Our retail experts work with clients to design solutions that solve their specific problems – from planning through implementation. All of our products can be customized as needed and assembled into a retail-specific integrated solution.