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TNT Sales Co. provides clients with the speed and quality they require for in-store selling and merchandising services to drive shopper purchases and grow brands.

Merchandising is a science and providing effective retail service means factoring in brand, retailer and category dynamics as well as geography, seasonality and other factors to arrive at the right solution.

Our customized approach to developing retail solutions offers resellers several options of Point of Sale Displays and merchandising choices. When you work with our merchandising experts, they’re experience and market insight will help guide you to choose the right mix for your customers.

We offer a wide assortment of displays and retail solutions, including: gondolas, 4-sided spinners, 2-sided spinners, wing racks, clip strips, counter top, discount bulk and inline sets. All sets are customizable and our merchandising experts will help configure for optimized sales. Which display is right for your store? Contact your account representative for details.

Custom Displays

Find What works for you

We’ll work with you to implement the best merchandising plans to maximize profits.
Click below to view some of our merchandising solutions.

12 pack corrugated countertop display
Corrugated Countertop
SanDisk Merchandising Solutions
Sandisk 2-Way Spinner
Retail Clip Strips
Clip Strips
Acrylic Countertop Displays
Cellular Accessories Display
Cellular Accessory Display
East INdies E-Hookah Display
East Indies E-Hookah Countertop Barrel Display
AMP Energy Cellular Accessories
AMP 2-Way Spinner
Finite Audio Corrugated Shipper
Finite Audio Corrugated Shipper
Celltronix Backup Batteries Display
Celltronix Backup Batteries