Line of Products

TNT Sales Co provides outsourcing services and distribution to North America’s leading retailers. These customers include department stores, big box chains, home improvement chains, office supply companies, electronic stores, specialty and boutique retail chains and online retailers. While we focus on expense items, our horizons expand as required to each customer’s needs. Some of product categories include:

Cellular Accessories by TNT Sales Co
Cellular Accessories
Audio Headphones by Finite
Bluetooth Speakers by Finite Audio
Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth Headsets
Bluetooth Headsets
Electronic Cigarettes by Niotek
Electronic Cigarettes
Wide assortment of Eyewear
General Merchandise for C-stores
General Merchandise
High performance Flashlights
Backup Batteries distributed by TNT Sales Co.
Backup Batteries

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive retail environment, success depends in part on the retailer’s ability to enhance operational efficiencies and control expenses. We understand that and work diligently to help our customers propel their businesses. Our methodologies consistently provide superior operating efficiencies and significant expense reductions that are unparalleled in the industry.

We have the skilled personnel, expertise and systems to deliver operating supplies to individual store locations in a consolidated, controlled manner.

Our coast-to-coast retail network includes specialists in packaging and display solutions to enhance brand value for retail marketing and merchandising teams.

Nationally Known Brands

Retail brands that customers seek out.